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An electron confined to a one-dimensional box of length 0.14 nm has a ground-state energy corresponding to the radiation of wavekength about 70 nm. Benzene, as a rough approximation, may be considered to be a two-dimensional box that encompasses the regular hexagonal shape. The CC bond length in benzene is 0.14 nm, so that side of the box woukd be about 0.28 nm. Estimate wavelength for transition from ground state to first excited state of benzene, assuming that it is - bonding electrons that are involved. A cubic box of edge-kength 1.2 nm contains 10 clectrons. Applying the simple particle-in-a-box heory, calculate the value of AE for the first excited state of this system. etermine the energy required for a transition from the n, =n,- n,-In,-n,-1, n,=2 state for a) an argon atom (molar mass 39.95 g mo ) in a cubic container with á 10 cm side, (b) an lectron (m, -9.1l * 10 g) in a cubic hole of a crystal with 10 cm edge kength.
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