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An ISO 9001: 20008 Certified Institute 13. Given the following limits: Which one of the following graphs is the correct graph of the function y(r) = x.ln(x)? 1. lim Sn1 x0 X 2 im 1- oo E (a.) x- (1, 0) log(x+1)1 3. lim x0 Which of these are correct? (b.) (a.) 1,2 and 3 (b.) 1 and2 (c.) 1 and3 (d.) 2 and 3 x-5 If fa)= X+5 -5 then the domain of 14. (c.) f).is (a.) R (b.) R-{1) (c.) (-o,1) (d.) (1,o) (d.) 15. lim(4 +5)* equals to (a.) 4 1. What are the value of a & b respectively, (b.) 5 sin ax - In(e cos x (c.) e if lim X0 Xsin bx (d.) Se (a.) 1,1 16. e+e 2 lim 1S equal to (b.)1 X0 (c.) -1,1 (a.) 1 b.)-1 (d.)-1, (c.) 1/2 12. (d.)-1/2 Assertion (A): e* cannot be expressed as sum of even and odd functions 17. Let f: R- R define g:R> R by Reason (R): e* is neither even nor odd s(x)=s()f)+f(-1). function Then (a.) Both A and R are individually true and R is the correct explanation of A (b.) Both A and R are individually true but R is not the correct explanation of A (a.) g is even for all f (b.) g is odd for allf (c.) A is true but R is false (C.) 8 is even if f is even (d.) A is false but R is true (d.) g is even if f is odd 28A/11, First Floor) Jia Sarai, Hauz Khas, Near I.I.T., New Delhi-110016, Ph.: (011)-26537527, Cell: 9999183434 & 9899161734, 8588844789 173 will you please provide us the solutions of all the sums
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