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An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Institute 30. If f(r) is real valued function defined on x0 is 26. The function f(t)={ 0, such that f(0) =0 and f"(x)>0 0 = 0 for all x, then the function h(r) = ). S (a.) Differentiable at 0 but not continuous (b.) Has 2 derivative at the origin (a.) Increasing in 0, (c.) Continuous at the origin but not (b.) Decreasing in 0, differentiable (c.) Increasing in0,1 and decreasing in (d.) Neither continuous nor differentiable at 1, the origin (d.) Decreasing in 10,1] and increasing in 27. The set of points where f (a) = |sin xl is not differentiable is 1, Let f:RR be a differentiable function S0)=0 If for all xe R.10 Let f be a continuous function on X such and f(1) =0. Then f(4) equals that the derivative f"(x) =0 for all x. Then 47 (a.) the range of f has (a.) Uncountable number of points (b.)7 (b.) Count ably infinite number of points (c.) 16 5 (c.) At most 2 points (d.) At most I point (d.) 29A/11
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    26 f(x).= x^m siin(1/x).is continus if m>0.and differential if m>1 so f is continus but not differentiate 27 f(x) =|sinx| is not differentiable when sinx =0 so x=k.pi.k€Z 28 f(x...
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