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An object of rest mass m, collided perfectly inelastically with another object kept at rest and having same rest mass. The rest mass of the combined system will be (a) equal to 2m, c) smaller than 211, (b) greater than 2n, (d) wnitam maanetic field such that, the direction of
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  • Ruby negi
    velocities are given in terms of c that's I used relativistic concept..
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  • Ruby negi
    first see, it's a inelastic collision and they combined after collision...using law of conservation of momentum, then p1+p2=p---> p1=0 so p2=p.. then using conservation of energy E...
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    Ruby negi
    whatever I wrote, do it in paper...
  • Somnath thankyou
    Question is incomplete. The question should be - A body of rest mass mo collides perfectly inelastically at a speed of 0.8c with another body of equal rest mass kept at rest. Calcu...
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