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An oceanic plate is moving away from the spreading center at a speed of 6 cm/yr. Assuming that the plate motion is constant with geological time, the locationof the Gauss Gilbert paleomagnetic epoch boundary from the spreading center will be at approximate distance o OA. 155 Km. OB. 215 Km. O O C. 350 Km. O D. 402 Km.
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  • Saurabh 1 thankyou
    It's a confusing one cuz you can see in different books the age of the respective gauss-gilbert paleomagnetic epoch (Or chrons) boundary lies between 3.32Ma to 3.58 Ma. So there s...
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  • Raghubeer rai
    reference for another paleomagnetic epoch
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  • Raghubeer rai
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