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January 11, 2022 1:04 pmpts 15 pts
. An open reading frame of 720 nucleotides codes for a protein consisting of (1) 240 amino acids (2) 239 amino acids (3) 238 amino acids (4) 720 amino acids
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  • Anam fatma
    What's the iit jam release date of admit card ?
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  • Mohanchaitanya reddy
    @Anam fatma, they might have been some mistakes, because if you consider the stop codon in a open reading frame that's translated into amino acids, that would be incorrect. as I me...
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  • Mohanchaitanya reddy
    Hello, Correct answer would be option (1). An Open Reading Frame, when translated into amino acids, there will be no stop codons. Therefore, considering that there are no stop ...
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    Anam fatma
    answer is 239
  • Shreya pal
    720/3=240 amino acids
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  • Shreya pal thankyou
    720/3= 240amino acids
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