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and (R,R-PhCH(CH,CHOH)Ph. 7. How would you carry out the following transformations: Et Et C-C H (a) EtC=CEt CH (CHo) C H H (b) CH(CH2)3CCH When BH, is allowed to react with a large excess of 2-methyl dimethylbut-2-ene, "disiamylborane Me CHCHMe-,BH ar Me,CHCMe,BH, are obtained instead of trialkylboranes expl 8. 9. ndieate Suitable reagents to CaTy Out the folloWing cony
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  • Pinky chaudhary thankyou
    in a) add H2 in presence of platinum i.e reduction reaction in b) add HI in presence of light.. i.e free radical reaction.
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