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Andesite is the mineral of (a) zine (b) molybdenum (c) lead (d) antimony. calc-alkaline basalts are a) low-alumina basalts b) high-alumina basalts c)low-k basal

Andesite is the mineral of (a) Zine (b) Molybdenum (c) Lead (d) Antimony. Calc-alkaline basalts are a) Low-alumina basalts b) High-alumina basalts c) Low-K basalts d) high-K basalts

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    Saurabh 1 best-answer

    1) I think there is some discrepancy in the question. Kindly recheck the question, because andesite is a rock basically an intermediate volcanic rock and the language of question is misleading(I think it was Anglesite , if it would have been Anglesite, then probable answer is Lead (PbSO4) . 2) Calc Alkaline basalt is probably High-Alumina basalts while if one consider tholeiitic basalt it is usually rich of minerals like that of Mg, Fe in pronounced amount. Correct option should be (b) .


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