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Angular momentiam of a moving body is te presened by the symbol (A) L 8)1 P (C)M (D) T In system intcrnational the angular hommertum is measured in : 16 (A) J (B) J C)W (D) Js 7. Which of the following shapes of the body can be oonsidered as compoun pendulum? (A) Cylindrical (B) Cubical (C) Cuboid (D) Any rigid body 78 Ifthe mass of the objects is doubled, then What will be the efect of tine period of the compound pendulum ? (A) Doubled (B) Remains same (D) Decreases by w2 times (C)Halved 79. Calculate the moment of inertia of an object having time period= 14 sec, mass moment of inertia 100 kg-m and the centre of gravity lies at a point 20 cm below the point of suspension: (B) 9.2 (A) 9.1 (D) 10.2 (C) 9.3
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    75-->A, 76-->D, 77-->D, 78-->D, 79-->D....Question 79 seems incorrect , it has to be mass in place of moment of inertia asking in the question and unit is also not shown... do c...
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