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Example 21 : Let G be group. If H and K are subgroups of a group G, then which of the following statement is true? a) HuK is also a subgroup b) HK is also a subgroup Sub Quotie Defini G, then c) HK is also a subgroup d) The order of H and K are the divisors of the order of G. to multi factor
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  • Utkarsh
    b and d are only true options
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  • Navdeep goyal 1 thankyou
    A not true (2z+) and (3z+) are sungroup of (z+) but (2zU3z) is not subgroup bcz 2,3€ 2ZU3Z but 2+3 not element to 2ZU3Z the intersection of two subgroup is also sungroup so b tr...
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