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14 Unattempted A particle of mass m moves under the 1-D potential (x) =V|a|, where V is a positive constant. Using Your Ans Correct Ans a Heisenberg's uncertainty principle Ar Ap, 2, the ground state energy of the particle can be estimated to be Time (Secs) 174 O /3 Bookmark 3 2 4m O 2 hv 3 4m /3 O 1/3 4m O 4m Solution Let Ax 2x: Ap 2Ax 4x For ground state momentum is, Ap p Now., energy E = V% lav| +Vo 2x E 2m 32mx dE = 0 For minmim eneTgy 1/3 h h +2V% =0r= 16mx 32m Vo
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  • Animesh anand thankyou
    yes it can also be done by some approximation method like W.K.B method ,varitional principle method.but for jam preparation it is sufficient method.if you know about this method an...
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