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AP PHYSios FREE-RESPONSE QUESTION Momentum and Impulse FRQ #1 1 (15 point) A small ball of mass 0.5 kg is traveling to the East with a speed of 10 m/s when it collides with a stationary brick wall. (a) If the collision is elastic, determine the change in momentum of the ball during the collision. (b) A high speed camera is used to determine that the collision took place over only 0.001 seconds. Determine the average force of the wall on the ball. () In the space to the right, sketch a graph of the magnitude of the average force from the wall vs. time acting upon the ball. Make sure to label your axes with appropriate numerical values. (d) Use your sketch in part (©) to determine the magnitude of the impulse acting upon the ball during the collision. () A scientist creates a more accurate graph of the magnitude of the force acting upon the ball over time as shown below representing the same collision. Determine the height, Fm, of the triangle shown below if the impulse delivered to the ball has not changed. F(N) Foon t() 0.001
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