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June 27, 2020 • 11:08 am 30 points
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Are partial differential equations required for jam physics or knowing partial derivatives will be enough?

Are partial differential equations required for JAM PHYSICS or knowing partial derivatives will be enough?

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  • Pallavi mondal

    follow 10 years previous question and find out if any question has been asked from it.Then be sure.


    Is there any question?


    I haven't search for it bro.



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    NO, partial differential equations is not involved in IIT JAM PHYSICS syllabus, it is more than enough if you know how to do partial differentiation, although partial differential equations are involved everywhere in physics, from studying planetary motion to study particle physics, your wheather to your traffic situation to your flow of river everything involved partial differential equations, and difficult part is to solve then by various method, like method of characteristics for first order, to study hyperbolic,parabolic elliptical eauation, thermo to clasical to quantum to astro, PDE are everywhere. Regards.


    which year are you styding in?

  • Mahak Best Answer

    sometimes there are one or two question on partial differential equation , you can practice this after covering all the major topics of mathematical physics , keep this topic as secondary one , but partial derivatives is much more important that partial differentials so you can study these two after covering major part of mathematical physics for iit jam

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    Ruby negi best-answer

    yeah, u can go through this topic as it has lots of application in Physics...

  • Anonymous User best-answer

    partial differential equations is not a part of syllabus but it has lots of application in physics like gradient, curl and divergence etc..


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