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VI and V O OH CH,OH CH,-OH CH OH Protonated formaldehyde HOH,C OH OH OH CH-OH H CH,OH CHOH OH Similar mechanism can be written for formation of p-hydroxymethylphenol OH OH (x) Phthalein reaction. On heating with phthalic anhydride in presence of conc. H,SO, or anhyd. Zn phenols are converted into phthaleins. For example, phenol itself under these conditions gives phenolphthaliein. CH- VII ble o- and p-positions of phenols (III-VII mensional polymer calied Bakelite. HO O Conc. HoSO tomann aldehuu Brthui s c34 jattormany formyati Houbeu- Ho»h rtalton edeesu Mana,Se Feacthon Dale Page No Phthalen Re Ctipn
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    Not very important for jam aspect...Read this once
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