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Given Answer in book is B. (Objective intensity of the quakes with the epicentre). ..But why ? It should be subjective intensity because it is just based on experience of people and other things. If I assume for a while that it is given in answer Objective Intensity because Mercalli Scale also has numbers from 1 to 12 (roman). then Answer could be Option D. Why option B is given ??? Is it correct or wrong??
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    Intensity of an earthquake is a subjective measure of the force of an earthquake at a particular place as determined by its effects on persons , structures , and earth materials. t...
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  • Shailesh Chaudhary thankyou
    according to me the correct answer should be A i. e subjective intensity of the quake with the epicenter
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  • Shailesh Chaudhary thankyou
    we use the Modified Mercalli (MMI) Scale. The Mercalli Scale is based on observable earthquake damage. From a scientific standpoint, the magnitude scale is based on seismic records...
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    Vaibhav singh
    So, according to you which option is correct...
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