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Atangent drawn to the curye, y f(x) at P(x, y) cuts theex-axis and y-axis at A and Brespectvely Ehat BP AP=3:1, given that /(l)-1, then (a) Equation of the curve is x 3y 0 (b) Equaion of the curve is x+3y-0 (e) Curve passes through (2, 1/8) (d) Normal at (1, 1) is x+3yy
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  • Navdeep goyal 1
    given A and B interested point with aixs
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    Prerna chaudhary 1
    value of A and B ???
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    b and c check attachment
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    Prerna chaudhary 1
    sir how did you find the intercepts on the coordinate axies