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Auniform electric field in the plane of the paper as shown. Here A, B, C, D are the points on the circle. V V. V V are the potentials at those points respectively. Then E B (2) VA V VVp (4) VAVB Vc=VD ()AYcBD 3) VAc VB VpD
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  • Monika verma 1 thankyou
    I think options are not correct . the correct answer is given in attachment
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  • Ruby negi
    Va and Vb is same.. Vc is largest value and Vd is smallest... we all know e.f lines move from +ve to -ve charge or we can say higher to lower potential so, option c is correct...
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    Sayan Patra
    as er lines move from +ve to -ve then Vc is large and Va is small. so there should be Vc > Va
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