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(b)-1746J mol (d) 748.2 J mo (C) zero two compartments, one of which contains 2 moles of He while Ar The gases are ideal. The temperature is 300 K and the pressure is 21. the other contains 3 moles of Ar. The gases are ideal. 1ne to 1 bar R-0.083 L bar mol-lK- In (2/5)-0.92, In (3/5)-0.51. (0/What is the total Gibbs free energy of the two gases? ne partition between the two compartments is removed and the gases are allowed to mix, then what is the Gibbs free energy of the mixture? (i) What is the change in enthalpy in this process? LI hend eneroy to the (B)Obt ain (i tha mala
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