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b) hv = hv, +mV max 2 (cmv =hv, -hv (d)mvx hY 2 2. Photoelectric effect shows that (a) the photoelectric current increases with increase in frequency of incident photons (b) the maximum kinetic energy of photoelectrons increases with intensity of radiation (c) the maximum kinetic energy of photoelectrons increases with frequency of incident photons (d) there is a time lag between the irradiation and the start of emission of the photoelectrons. 3. The work function (Wo) of the metal surface is (a) independent of the frequency of incident radiation (b) independent of the intensity of incident radiation (c) more for X-rays than for visible light (d) both (a) and (b) 4. The shift in wavelength in Compton effect depends (a) only on the energy of the incident photons (b) only on the scattering angle (c) on the nature of the scatterer atom (d) none of the above 5. The change in wavelength of an X-ray photon when it is scattered through an angle of 90" by a free electron is of the order of (a) 10 mn (b) 10 m (c) 10 m (d) 10 m 6. The Compton wavelength (4) is given by h (c) 2m,c d) mgC 7. Among the following electromagnetic waves, which is best suited to study Compton effect? (a) Infra Red (b) Visible light (c) Ultra violet (d) X-rays 8. Bohr's quantum condition for the stability of atom is (a) mvr= nh (b) mvr= nh (c) mvr =nh (d) mvr= nh 9. The minimum energy in eV of the photon required to observe an object of size 4 °A is nearly (a) 3 KeV (b) 3 eV (c) 1 KeV (d) 2 Ev
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    see the attachment. 9th question statement is incomplete.
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