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Find out the approximate percentage composition of (-) MSG in a mixture containing (+) MSu at ( MSG Whose specific optical rotation is -20 and T 33.8 g of (+) MSG was put in 338 ml solution and was mixed with 16.9 g of ( MSG Put 6 ml solution and the final solution was passed through 400 mm tube. Find out observed rotatou 69 the final solution. Soecific rotstions of freshlv nrenared.aa
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  • Reshav
    sir please tell me ki revision kese karu because syllabaus to 90 percent ho chuka hai. How to give test series?
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    The question is incomplete, dear student. You need to have specific rotation of either (-) MSG or (+) MSG to carry out further calculations and that data is missing from the questi...
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    yes i have same doubt merko lg rha tha ki incomplete hai question
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