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Br Br H H 86. Only two isomeric monochloro-derivatives are possible for (a) n-butane (b) 2, 4-dimethyl pentane (c) benzene (d) 2-methyl propane In the reaction, the acid obtained will be: CH CHO+HCN >CH,CH(OH)CN CH,CH(OH)COOH (a) D-isomer (b) L-isomer (c) (80% D+20%L) mixture (d) (50%D+ 50%L) mixture 88. (+) Mandelic acid has a specific rotation of +158°. What would be the aheamal of250/L
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  • Achyut ranjan gogoi
    for q86 if we don't consider stereochemistry then options a,d are possible if we consider stereo then only option d is possible. q87 a racemic mixture is formed in which it can exi...
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  • Vicky Sharma
    86) A,D. 87)D
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    Vicky Sharma
    if we consider stero than 86 has option D otherwise without stero A and D both are correct
  • Bhagat singh thankyou
    answer 86 - a 87- d
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