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C is found to be, rate =k[a][b]. 6. rate law for the reaction a + 2b concentration of reactant 'b° is doubled, keeping the concentration of 'a" constant, the va

C is found to be, Rate =k[A][B]. 6. Rate law for the reaction A + 2B Concentration of reactant 'B° is doubled, keeping the concentration of 'A" constant, the value of rate constant will be, a) the same b) Doubled c)Quadrupled d) Halved

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  • Preethi

    is whether vaule of rate constant depend on concentration it only depend on temp ???


    yes, it doesn't depend on concentration

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    Priyanshu kumar

    Rate of reaction doubles and rate constant becomes halved. option D is correct

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    Dinesh khalmaniya 1 best-answer

    option A Explanation- Regarding concentration: you are correct in that concentration affects the rate of reaction. However, a rate constant does not change according to concentration. ... An increase in temperature increases the rate constant and hence the rate. An increase in concentration increases the rate but not the rate constant.


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