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(c) Lgand to metal charge transfer transitioon (d) Intraligand t-Tt transition obin he nemhe s present at the active site of manv nroteins and enzymes including nemogrou Cytochromes etc. It is an iron complex of a cvclic aromatic ligand named porphyrin. Severai ucta that Conpiexes OT porphyrin synthesized in the laboratory have similar absorption spectra, eXCCpt ld the most mtense absorption band position is either red shifted or blue shifted around 400 nm depending Ot the ature of them metal ion. The origin of this most intense absorption band in these porphyrin complexes is: (a) MLCT transitions (b) LMCT transitions (c) d-d transitions (d) T-T transitions od colaar of fEehnu) 12t (hny=2 2'hinvridine) is due to
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    check this detailed explanation
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    option D is correct
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