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(c) unauiecte Benzvl chloride is reacted with difterent nucleophiles shown below. Arrange them in the decreasing (a) halved order of reactivity. Nucleophiles: HO°, CH,CO0, Pho®, CH,09 (e)CH,0> HO®> Pho®> CH,CO0 b) HO@CH,0®> Ph0®> CH,CO0 (c) HO> Pho>CH,00CH,CO0: (d) CH,CO0®> CH,09> HO®> Pho The arder of nuclsonhilicitv af the illaizing
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  • Kaustav kahali
    So I think a will be the answer.
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  • Kaustav kahali
    I think acidic nature completely depends on the stability of the conjugate base. For OR the R group will pump electrons on the O which makes it less stable than OH.
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  • Suman Kumar
    option B is correct
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    Suman Kumar
    CH3OH is more acidic than water. So CH3O- is more stable than OH-
  • Dinesh khalmaniya thankyou
    option B. Nucleophilicity increase, rate of NSR increase
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    why oh is more nucleophilic than OR