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. Two points N and S are located in the northern and southern hemisphere, respectively, on the same longitude. Projectiles P and O are fired from N and S, respectively, towards each other. Which of the following options is correct for the projectile as they approach the equator? (a) Both P and O will move towards the east (b) Both P and Q will move towards the west (c) Pwill move towards the east and O towards the west (d) Pwill move towards the west and O towards the east
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  • Isha lohan
    velocity components from north will be - vi and +vk
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  • Isha lohan thankyou
    see attachment. mathematically
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    Sagar kumar biswal
    perfect..but Vk will remain same I think,so that we can get the same result
  • Isha lohan
    I have tried by coriolis force equation. see attachment.
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  • Isha lohan Best Answer
    As earth rotate from west to east. Till the time both projectiles reach equator, they appear from earth's frame to move westward. This can also be explained by coriolis effect.
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    Sagar kumar biswal
    can you show it mathematically ? I already have this reasoning but want to know the maths behind it.
  • Sagar kumar biswal
    can you please explain how ?
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    option b is correct.
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