Shruti Thakur Asked a Question
July 29, 2021 3:16 pmpts 30 pts
can i talk with anyone who prepare for iit jam biotechnology 2022
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  • Sawastik
    yes i m preparing for 2022 biotech ent. exam
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    Shruti Thakur
    ok please can you told me how to u prepare for iit jam & how many hours you study in a one day
  • Anamitra Sen
    2021-2005 a lot of questions & use 11-12 mcq books for Bio, Phy, Chem & Math for important chapters
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  • Anamitra Sen
    I am preparing for 2023,You can tell what's your problem ?
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    Shruti Thakur
    i want to questions of biology & chemistry for practice
  • Anamitra Sen thankyou
    I am preparing for 2023, you can tell what's your problem?
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    Shruti Thakur
    i want to some question practice of biology & chemistry for iit jam biotechnology