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  • Ankur Rao Best Answer
    hope you get what you wanted to know.
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  • Ankur Rao
    still have doubts
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    Rudhreswaran g
    no if I have I will ask 👍
  • Ankur Rao
    any other doubts.
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    Rudhreswaran g
    so we want to consider B as constant
  • Rudhreswaran g
    but as the information given I have related the problem to that but rank is not equal to columns but how it is unique soluntion
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    Ankur Rao
    rank is 2 here and column is also 2
  • Ankur Rao
    m is row if rank is r then their are r linearly independent rows so we can make (m-r) rows as zero rows by using r rows because (m-r) rows are linearly dependent. So by this we can...
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