Rudhreswaran g Asked a Question
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  • Alka gupta thankyou
    see also this....
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    Rudhreswaran g
    thanks for ur explanation last one doubt if we change the variable into t then we should only sub the limit value in t or we can sub limit value of y in variable t
  • Deepak singh
    see , answer is 180 .
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    Rudhreswaran g
    it's all ok but after we changing y into t we want to change our limits know so if we change we will get 3 to 0 not 0 to 3 please clear that I think you have not changed the limit ...
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  • Rudhreswaran g
    in previous question we taken that root 9-y^2 =t but here you taking this t differently why
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  • Rudhreswaran g
    but i getting answer like this what should I do
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    Deepak singh
    yes , this method is also correct . There are infact many ways to solve integration. answer will be same , don't worry.
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