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  • Alka gupta thankyou
    correct ans is 90....only can solve by surface integral see
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    Rudhreswaran g
    how to know a problem can be solved only by surface integral
  • Deepak singh 1 Best Answer
    No , we can't apply gauss divergence theorem . Because region is closed by z=0,z=5 and x^2+y^2=16 only but not bounded by x=0 and y=0 plane .
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    Rudhreswaran g
    how to find a sum can be solved by Gauss divergence theorem any tips for that
  • Alka gupta
    no, we can't apply G-D theorem ...
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    Rudhreswaran g
    but answer is not arriving for me can you send that derivation
  • Rudhreswaran g
    can we take any co ordinate axis to find it is based on our wish .for all the answer will be same
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  • Deepak singh 1
    Refer attached answer is 90
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    Rudhreswaran g
    can we do this problem in Gauss divergence theorem if we can do, then can you derive it
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