Rudhreswaran G posted an Question
August 08, 2021 • 20:21 pm 30 points
  • Mathematics (MA)

Can some one explain this with an example ??

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  • Rudhreswaran g

    one doubt if in closure property we take a+b=c .so now if the c is not in that set so we cannot tell it as an group I am I right?

  • Ankur Rao best-answer

    under addition. 0 is the identity under addition and when we take any number 'a' then the inverse should be in the way such that (a + inverse)= 0 then we will get inverse=-r . which is written their that inverse of a ( denoted by a^-1) = -a e.g. inverse of 5 is -5 . because 5+(-5)=0 under multiplication 1 is the identity under multiplication and we take any number 'a' then inverse should be in the way that (a * inverse) = 1 then we will get inverse = (1/a) where a is not equal to zero. e.g. inverse of 5 is (1/5) because 5 * (1/5)= 1


    feel free to ask if you have any query.


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