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TUTTGUTOT EIITEU :A mapping f: S> T is called one-to-one, if X yf(x) # f(y) Y X, y e S. Or f(x) = f(y) x = y VX, y e S.
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    Consider the function f : {1,2,3,4} -> {a,b,c,d}. Where f(1) = b, f(2) = a, f(3) = d, f(4) = c. Now a,b,c,d are all images, because they are all of the form, f(x) for some x in {1...
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    Dhivya Dharshini
    How to check whether it is onto or one to one
  • Srinath
    Hope this is clear, you can ask your doubts, if there are any
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    Dhivya Dharshini
    Can you explain this with examples
  • Srinath thankyou
    Consider a function f, between two non empty sets, f : S -> T. Then, the set of all elements f(x) which belongs to T, is called the image set of f. That is, the image set = { f(x) ...
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    Dharmasam vardhini
    Thank you Sir. Now only I understood clearly
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