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April 21, 2021 3:15 pmpts 30 pts
how to characteristic and minimal polynomial forming block....
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  • Piyush pachauri thankyou
    yes ,There is a way to find characteristic polynomial of A using characteristic polynomial of block diagonal matrix. *characteristic polynomial of A is just multiplication of charp...
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  • Alka gupta
    this is very conceptual theory....I suggest you plz study step by step ... characteristics, then minimal polynomial ,then Jordan blocks....then you have no doubt about this theory....
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  • Deepak singh 1 thankyou
    there is no shortcut method to find ch. and min. polynomial , we have to find by finding det(A-xI)=0 .
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  • Alka gupta Best Answer
    see example
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  • Alka gupta
    this is not Jordan form of matrix A....if Jordan form is given then we can find both ... minimal polynomial and characteristics equation...I explain you by a example
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