Ronit Asked a Question
April 20, 2021 11:13 pmpts 10 pts
can you explain why different organism have different life span
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  • Krishan kumar jakhad thankyou
    One important factor is body size with larger animals, on average, living longer than smaller ones. In some species, environmental factors like temperature also influence how long ...
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    sorry sir...but mene Neet ki prepation ke time pda ki life span doesn't depend on size example ..parrot and crow size approximately same but variation in their life span crow -14 ...
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  • Rituparna das
    sorry sir , i have not recommended it properly but not only size but temperature also plays a vital role too.
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    can you explain in detail but simple ways?
  • Rituparna das
    as lifespan directly depends upon the shape and size of every living creatures one of the important point on view.
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    Is life span depend on organism size and shape?
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