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can you plz expline the 2nd question and it's answer???? in solid state physics., The two dimensional lattioce of graphene is an arrangement of Carbon atoms forming vcomb lattice of lattice spacing a, as shown below. The carbon atoms occupy the vertices. d //a A. The Wigner-Seitz cell has an area of (A) 2a (B) 2 6V3 a? 3/3 (D) (C) 2 B. The Bravais lattice for this array is a (A) Rectangular lattice with basis vectors d, and d (B) Rectangular lattice with basis vectors C, and cC (C) Hexagonal lattice with basis vectors a, and a, (D) Hexagonal lattice with basis vectors b, and b, Solution: (B,D) (A) Primitive unit cell is also known as wigner-setiz cell & area of wigner seitz cell in graphene is V3a N,- 2 (B) Bravais lattice is made up of same type of atoms with identical surrounding & In diagram vectors b, & b, joins atoms with same surrounding. So, Option (D) will be correct.
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    I derived it sir... but I'm asking about question (b)... how u choose it as bravis lattice??