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CH,Br CH,OH de is Br 62. The correct order of Sy2/ E2 ratio for the % yield of product of the following halide 154 Ph (P) CH,CH,-C-CH, () CH,- CH-CH CH, Ph (R) CH-CH2 -I (S) CH,- CH-CH-CH, (d) Q>P>R>S (b) R>Q>S>P (c) P>R>S>Q (a) R>S>Q>P Tho maiar nraduct formed in the following reaction is
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  • Preethi
    option a
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  • Achyut ranjan gogoi thankyou
    option a is the answer as you have to see more the sn2 reaction and less the E2 type reaction gives the more yield which u can easily that R give faster sn2 than all and it will be...
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  • Pinky chaudhary Chaudhary
    option b sn2 is inversely proportional to the stability of carbocation
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    its ans is given as a in booklet
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