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. Ohi he locing emevk (4) aare trored (A) An isotepic mineral remoalns odarek de thtougr (e) Plen ekrceism a the havge czXour oa minera Cc) Minerek ohe retelinic system arte cpticol Sed rodalen acye unodere stosseol polar olurcing reofeien tandlext crcosseo polarc eaniaxial (b) Meladepe în an meerderence maxs the omerceyen of an opie ois5.
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  • Rahul pandey Best Answer
    Ans-A (Isotropic minerals remains dark through out 360 degrees under cross nicols) & D (melatope in an interference figure is the point of emergence of optic axis). Option B is in...
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  • Sajan sarthak sahoo thankyou
    Option A and D is the correct answer.
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    Ankita sahoo
    can you explain that