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Choose the correct set of words denoted by (P), (), R), (S) and (T) to fill in the blanks. (Puse ()for antigen presentation. These antigen-displaying MHC molecules are recognized by (R), which express a unique co-receptor on their cell surface called as (S)On interaction with the antigen presenting cells, T cells respond by producing cytokines such as_(T) (A) P.All nucleated cells; Q. MHC 1; R. Cytotoxie T Cells; S. CD4;T. Perforins (B) P. Macrophages; Q. MHC I R. Cytotoxie T Cells; S. CD4; T. y-Interferon (C) P.B Lymphocytes; Q. MHC II: R. Helper T Cells (TH2); S. CD4; T. Interleukin-4 (D) P. Dendritic Cells;, Q. MHC 1; R. Helper T Cells (TH); S. CD8; T. GMCSP
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