Ishita das Asked a Question
December 27, 2020 12:57 pmpts 30 pts
Comb structure with 'symmetrical banding' is formed by (A) Early magmatic process (B) Hydrothermal process (C) Chemical sedimentary process (D) Residual concentration process
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  • Saurabh shukla Best Answer
    Comb structure is most probably related to Hydrothermal process.....Related to cavity filling deposits in which prismatic crystals found to be growing from opposite sides of a fis...
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  • Rahul kumar thankyou
    Answer (B) Hydrothermal processes Comb structure is formed as a result of hydrothermal fluid flow in any fissure. These structures are associated with late magmatic hydrothermal f...
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    Ishita das
    Answer given is chemical sedimentary process. It's wrong then right?