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May 3, 2020 7:34 pmpts 30 pts
If any object thrown is time of ascent always equals to time of descent?
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  • Ruby negi
    when f is the resistive force... here is the solution.. how time of ascent and descent is not equal in case of resistive force..
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  • Somnath
    Yes, time of ascent is equal to time of decent. To see how follow the file attached.
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  • Abhishek singh thankyou
    yes, time of ascend is equal to time of descent. And the reason is, acceleration due to gravity is same for both cases. Also in ascending case, final velocity is zero. And in desce...
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    time of ascent is equal to time of descent only when there is no resistive force... so alwys not equal... I attached a page where time of ascent is equal to time of descent (means...
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    In case of presence of resistive force how they are not equal plz explain.