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Consider the sets of sequences X ={(X): X, e{0, 1,ne N} and Y={X) E X; x, =1 for atmost finitely many r Then, (a) X is countable, Y is finite (b) Xis uncountable, Yis countable (c) Xis countable, Y is countable (d) X is uncountable, Yis uncountable
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    sequence is a mapping from N to Non void subset of R . we define a mapping from N to {0,1}. we define total 2 ki power infinite set of these mapping X is not a sequence so it is...
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  • Navdeep 1
    we difine 2 ki power infinite mapping from N to {0,1} so set X of these mapping not a sequence so it is uncountable
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  • Vaishnavi mishra
    and y?
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  • Vaishnavi mishra
    and y ?
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    Navdeep 1
    Y is also
  • Navdeep 1
    x is uncontactable because X is the set of mappping N to {0,1} which are correspondence one to one
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  • Navdeep 1
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    Vaishnavi mishra
    plz explain
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