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Consider the system of linear equations 4xy+z=2 x+5y +22-6 x+2y+ 3z-4. Starting with the imital approximation Xo = [0.5, -0.), 0.J, the secand approximation Az o Gauss Jacobi iteration method is (a) [1.0667, -0.8833, -0.8000] ()[1.0667, -0.8833, -0.8500] (b) [1.0000, -0.8833, -0.8500] (d) [1.0667, -0.8000, -0.8500]" O A O B O c O D As soon as a new value of a variable is found by iteration, it is used immediately in the tollowing equations, this method is known (a) auss-Jacobi method (C) Gauss-Scidal method (b) Gauss-Jordan method (d) None A O B Oc O D
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    for first ques since it is calculating and i have matlab programme for this so i can tell the answer to you direct. calculations will not be possible for me
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    Vijay Singh chauhan
    please tell option only
  • Satpal singh
    for second question option c is correct which is definition of this method only.
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