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Cornst Narka : 3 Wrang NMariks s Let a mapf:(-1,1)-R be continuous at 0. Conider the following statements: $1 lim0+ f(a)- f0)- lim0-f(a) s2 sup{f() I e(-1,0)) f(0)-inf (f(r) | z e (0,1)) s3 lim-oo f xists and equals f(0). S4 sup{f() |neN)- f0)-inf(f() | n € N} Which of the above statements are necessarily true? (a) Only (S1] (b)Only s1) and |83] (c) Only (sı), [S2] and (83] (d) Only (s1, [S3] and (S4 Options
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    see the attachment.
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  • Pranav kumar thankyou
    option b is correct
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