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(d) aLOrque Vector INOTmmaltOUPainuU PP Two positive and two negative charges are keptIn plang n reepace as shown in the figure. T he magnitude of electric field due tothe syiemofchargesayapo int' RO, 1)will be (y>d). 5qd 47. PO) (a) 4TE) (b) 47TEy T dq 5aq d) 4TtEy (c) 4TTEy 48. Five charged particles, cach having a charge q, are placed at the five vertices ofa regular hexagon. The sides of the hexagon have cqual length 'a. The magnitude of clectric field at the centre of the hexagon is 2q (b) 41 Eo a (a) 41 Eo )4TT E, (d) none of these
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    see attachment dear
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    Chandra dhawan
    see attachment
  • Chandra dhawan thankyou
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    Chandra dhawan
    see second answer
  • Vaishnavi rajora
    which one u wanna ask
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  • Mahak
    see attached
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    P1 is 2p2 why
  • Vibhuti
    why E1 is 2E2 ?
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    Chandra dhawan
    compare both E1 and E2
  • Vibhuti
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  • Vibhuti
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