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D due duccu surlaccuage deusiy. [15] two semi-infinite grounded conducting planes page 3 of 11 meet at right angles. in the region between the m, there is a poi

D due duccu surlaccuage deusiy. [15] Two semi-infinite grounded conducting planes Page 3 of 11 meet at right angles. In the region between the m, there is a point charge 'q as shown in the figure. Calculate the a) potential in the region of charge q b) induced charged densities and total induced charged on the two planes c) total electrostatic energy of the system d) suppose the planes met at some angle other than 90", would you still be able to solve the problem by the method of images? If not, for what particular angles does the method work?

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  • Isha lohan 1 best-answer

    Have you tried using method of images. May be you are making one image across X in 4th quadrant and one image across Y in second quadrant . But in this particular situation you need to have one more image charge in 3rd quadrant and then solve this situation as usual like any simple charge distribution. For last fourth part, yes this method of images could only be used if plates are at right angle. If you have any further doubts, please do ask.


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