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D-fructose can be enzymatically converted to D-Psicose. The free energy change (AG) of the reaction as well as the net change in entropy (AS) is exactly equal to zero. Hence the maximum expected conversion in a batch process is 50%. In order to design an industrial process that will efficiently convert fructose to Psicose, which one of the following strategies will be best? (a) Protein engineering of thc enzyme so as to make the free energy change (AG) highly negative (b) Adding enzyme in two steps, first time at the start of the reaction and the second time after 50% conversion has been achieved (c) Designing a process that will efficiently remove D-Psicose from the reaction mixture (d) Doing the reaction at a lower temperature which will make the free energY change (AG) highly negative
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    Answer is (C). When Psicose is removed from the reaction mixture then it's concentration Will fall down. So the Equilibrium will shift towards product formation.
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