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d In a zinc manganese dioxide dry cell, the anode is made up of zinc and cathode of a caroo Surrounded by a mixture of MnO, carbon, NH,CI, and ZnCI, in aqueous base. Ex. The cathodic reaction may be represented as 2MnO,(s) + Zn2 + 2e ZnMn,O, (s) Let there be 8g MnO, in the cathodic compartment. How many days will the dry cen co to give a current or 4 x 10-3 ampere. When MnO, will be used up in cathodic process, the dry cell will stop to produce currernt. Cathodic process 5 Sol. +3 2MnO, (s) +Zn* +2e ZnMn,O Equivalent mass of MnO, Molecular mass 8 Change in oxidation state 1 From first law of electrolysis,
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  • Shrigandha
    please explain the multiplication to get t??
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  • Shrigandha
    I didn't getting t =2218390.8
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  • Priyanshu kumar
    Check this solution and please ask if any doubt
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  • Dinesh khalmaniya thankyou
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