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(d) No mg tration 1 0. Two blocks of masses m 2 kg and M 5 kg are in contact on a frictionless table. A horizontal force F (-35 N) is applied to m. Find the force of contact between the blocks. Will the force of contact remain same F if F is applied to M? tion As the blocks are rigid both will move with same acceleration under the action of a force F F 35 F ,N a = m m+ M 2+5 5 m/s2 Force of contact Ny Ma = 5 x 5 = 25 N If the force is applied to M then its action on m will be N m N=ma = 2 x 5 10 N. Note From this problem it is clear that acceleration does not depend on the fact that wheth- onliad M hut force gf contact does. m
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  • P. dhivya Palani
    but the contact force will remain the same right we consider only in that way in many problems
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    since the table is frictionless both the block move as a system. acceleration of the system is 35/7=5 m/s^2 now look at the fbd of small block at both times. block of mass just nee...
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    P. dhivya Palani
    but how the contact force will remain different between two objects
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