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(d) None of the above 7. Let S, Tbe subsets of a vector space Vand S C T. Consider the following statements. I. If Tis linearly independent, then S, is S. I. IfTgenerates V, then S' also must generate V. II. IfS is linearly independent, then T must be linearly independent. IV. If S generates V, then S, does T. Then, |(a) I and III are true, but I and IV are false c) I and IlI are true, but II and IV are false (6) I and IV are true, but II and III are false (d) lI and IV are true, but I and IlI are false et Vand ha aubanaaaa af mn mi
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    this question is not complete because here does not mention what is S0
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  • Thanu dharshani. t. t
    what that s0 represent??
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