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(d) Two G and two t bonds, and one lone pair of electrons The correct order of the mean bond energies in the binary hybrids is: (a) CH> NH3> H,O >HF (c)HF> H0 > CHA> NH3 12. 11. (b) NH3> CH> H,0> HF (d) HF> H0> NH> CHA Che accentable valence shell electronic arrangement is:
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  • Narayanarao gundoju
    option a
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    Shristy Maurya
    how ?
  • Suman Kumar thankyou
    option D is correct
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    Suman Kumar
    More the EN difference more the ionic character in the bond.
  • Dinesh khalmaniya Best Answer
    option d
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    Dinesh khalmaniya
    left to right in a period, EN increase . here H is constant so left to right difference in EN decrease and hence bond strength decrease