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. derived set of the set n of all natural numbers is: b) n )r d) q 9. the set r is : ) open closed copen and closed a) none ot these 10. an interval which is no

. Derived set of the set N of all natural numbers is: b) N )R d) Q 9. The set R is : ) open closed Copen and closed a) none oT these 10. An interval which is not an open set is a) (a, b) b) [a, b) C) (a, b) d) [a, b] 11. For any set A, interior of set A is a) open b) closed ull d) infinite 12. If iA) is the interiorofA, where A is any subset of R, then A is open iff: a) iA) A b) iA) A c) A) = a) None of these 13. If A is any subset of R, and i(A) is the interior of set A, then value of i((A) is: a) A b) iA) d) None of these 14. Singleton (a}, wherea is real number a open set D) closed set c) derived set 3) None of these 15. If a set is closed and bounded, then it is a) CoverinE Set Dy Lompact set C) Derived set d) Cluster set

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  • Abhra Chatterjee

    is the answer of question 14 is option (a) open set


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